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Home Healthcare Services

Home Healthcare Services

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Home Health Agencies provide a variety of at-home care services. Find an agency which provides the best care for you.

Home Healthcare Services

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Frequently Asked Questions About Home Healthcare

Home healthcare refers to seniors receiving medical care at home as opposed to at a hospital, skilled nursing facility, or other senior care facility. Home healthcare services include skilled nursing care, home health aides, assistance with activities of daily living, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other rehabilitative services.

Home health agencies employ certified or trained professionals who provide at-home medical services. Many home health agencies are approved by Medicare to provide medical services covered by Medicare.

Home healthcare may be suitable for seniors depending on their healthcare needs and their preferences. Home healthcare allows seniors to receive treatment and recover from the comfort of their own home. It helps seniors regain their independence and become more self sufficient.

For more serious medical conditions which require more attention and care, nursing home care may be more suitable. However, receiving care at home versus at a nursing home will be dependent on doctor recommendations and personal preferences. Home healthcare is typically provided on a part-time basis while medical attention is typically available 24/7 at a skilled nursing facility.

Home health aides are healthcare professionals who must meet training and other requirements from their State. Home health aides are not certified nurses and typically provide more basic healthcare services at a patients’ home, including assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing and grooming, personal care, prescription drug management, and even general companionship and housekeeping.

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