Nursing Homes

Frequently Asked Questions

Nursing Homes
Nursing homes are skilled nursing facilities which provide rehabilitation and other nursing services to seniors.

What is a nursing home? What is a skilled nursing facility?

Nursing homes are also known as skilled nursing facilities, and provide a higher level of care compared to assisted living communities. Some assisted living or continuing care retirement communities have a nursing home facility or provide skilled nursing home level care within the community.

Typical nursing homes services include skilled nursing care, 24 hour nursing supervision, assistance with daily living activities, and rehabilitation care such as occupational therapy and physical therapy.

What are long-stay and short-stay nursing care services?

Short-stay nursing care services provide care to seniors who require recovery or rehabilitation care due to illness, injury, or surgery. As the name indicates, short-stay care is most suitable for seniors who are expected to recover in the near term after receiving temporary care. On the other hand, long-stay nursing care refers to skilled nursing care services required on a longer term basis.

What is the difference between nursing home care and long term care?

Nursing home care typically refers to more critical care or rehabilitative services provided by licensed medical professionals or physicians.

Long term care refers to less intense care, including assisting patients with activities of daily living such as getting dressed, going to the bathroom, laundry, meals, prescription medication management. Long term care can be provided by a non-licensed professional, but care is often overseen by a medical professional.

Skilled nursing homes may include long term care facilities to provide patients a full range of services to meet their ongoing needs.

How do I find a nursing home near me?

Enter your zip code on our Nursing Home Finder to search Medicare-certified nursing homes in your area. Compare nursing homes based on government 5-star quality scores.

How much do nursing homes cost?

Costs for nursing home care can vary depending on needed services and whether care is given in a private room or semi-private room. As a general average, nursing home care in a private room is about $300 per day while care in a semi-private room is about $250 per day.

Does Medicare cover nursing home care?

Medicare Part A typically covers short term, or short-stay, nursing home care. However, Medicare does not usually cover long-stay nursing care services. Longer term nursing care can be covered by a long term care (LTC) insurance plan or your State’s Medicaid program.