How do I write my last will and testament?

Although many people may seek legal advice or hire a lawyer to write their will and testament, your will can be an informal document or there are also many online will services. Make sure to sign your will and you are allowed to have witnesses sign your will as well.

Your last will and testament should include the following:

  • Estate executor - a family member or other person who is in charge of making sure your wishes and financial distributions are properly followed.
  • Assets and property - anything which holds value that will be passed along to loved ones as part of your will’s instructions.
  • Debt obligations - your will can define how your existing debts and other planned costs, such as funeral expenses, are paid for.
  • Beneficiaries - these are the individual loved ones who will receive your assets and anything else involved in the instructions of your will.
  • Guardianship for children - if relevant, your will can define who should be the legal guardian of your children under 18.
  • Other instructions - feel free to add any other instructions or wishes to how you would like your will to be executed.

Last updated: January 13, 2023

Should You Use Estate Planning?

Estate planning is not only for the wealthy. All Seniors should consider estate planning to protect the finances of their loved ones and safeguard their last will and testament.

Should You Use Estate Planning?

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