Elder Law Attorneys

Frequently Asked Questions

Elder Law Attorneys
Elder law attorneys provide various legal services for seniors, including estate planning, healthcare planning, and senior care.

What does an elder law attorney do?

Elder law attorneys provide legal advice on various issues for seniors including estate planning, Medicaid planning, healthcare planning, long term care, and elder care abuse. Elder law attorneys deal with both planning for the future and taking legal action in the present such as payment for care or resolving a long term care insurance claim issue.

In addition, State laws can vary greatly for estate planning and other legal areas. Elder law attorneys are certified by each State and can advise on legal processes and documents specific to your State.

What is the difference between elder care law and estate planning?

Elder care and estate planning are two separate topics. Elder care attorneys typically specialize in both elder care law and estate planning but they are different legal topics. Elder care law refers to legal advice and healthcare planning while estate planning refers to more financial planning but can involve financial and decision planning for healthcare needs. See our estate planning page to learn more.

Should I hire an elder care attorney?

If you are interested in protecting your future financial and healthcare needs, it may be a good idea to seek the advice of an elder law attorney. Attorneys can help protect your assets and plan for unexpected healthcare costs or long term care needs. It is recommended to take financial and healthcare planning steps early, before a healthcare event occurs and you may not be able to afford care or make sound decisions.

What questions should I ask my elder law attorney?

First, try to be clear about your elder law needs and then ask specific questions about their legal experience and how they would address your needs. You should also consider how much experience they have in your State versus other States, as laws can vary.

In addition, you may want to ask yourself “Is this someone I would trust with my financial and healthcare decisions and would I enjoy working with them?”. Try to ask questions where you can gauge their level of customer service and attentiveness to your needs.

What should I look for when choosing an elder care lawyer? How do I find a certified elder law attorney near me?

In addition to the questions you should ask as mentioned above, to ensure that an elder care lawyer is reliable, you can check if they are a certified elder law attorney. The National Elder Law Foundation (NELF) is the only national organization which certifies elder care attorneys. See their website to find certified elder care attorneys in your area.

National Elder Law Foundation (NELF) website: https://nelf.org/

How much do elder care attorneys typically cost?

Costs for elder care attorneys can vary greatly depending on the services you require. In general costs typically range from $2.000 to $10,000. We recommend having a consultation to fully discuss costs before proceeding with an elder care lawyer.